Live the Love of Your Dreams

Live the Love of Your Dreams

I can help you live the love of your dreams. We can start today. 

I can help you live the love of your dreams. We can start today. 


Coaching and vision

Relationships are sacred ground. And who wouldn't want the fun, intimacy, growth, stimulation and sexiness with another? Yet sometimes we draw to us experiences and people who make us nuts. 

My coaching and visioning program will bring clarity for what you want, and help you eliminate the road blocks you have been holding. Together we can help you make smarter decisions - in love, 

and in life. ​ 

How It Works

Keeping your body fit, your mind stimulated and your heart full are essentials to inner happiness... And like gravity, a happy person can draw anything they wish into their lives.  I will help you develop specific action steps for your romantic future, but from a place of clarity and excitement... because it should be, and can be, FUN!

About Carolyn

  I came to coaching organically - watching the relationship patterns in my life, helping others with their relationship issues, and reading and writing endlessly on the topic. My 30-year journey in the study of metaphysics, meditation and yoga are the "soul" of my coaching practice.  If you are ready to live the love of your dreams, I am here to help. 

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